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Introduction to meditation


“It is as if the earth meditated, the atmosphere meditated
It is as if the sky meditated, the water meditated
It is as if the mountains meditated”
Chandogya Upanishad

Of all the yoga practices, meditation brings the most directly and efficiently the inner transformation and renewal. This renewal and transformation can be experienced without meditation; for example childhood and adolescence offer moments when the reality appears to us free of all conceptualization, fulfilling our consciousness by this way. But these moments are fleetings and do not depend of our will.

Meditation seeks to develop these moments where reality, bliss and knowledge are joining together. It is at first an exercise, a practice which efficiency increases with repetition; and a mental exercise which main function is to develop detachment regarding the first coming thoughts and to concentrate on the essential which is pure reality, pure bliss and pure knowledge.

The universe is formed by connected particles in perpetual motion which maintain his cohérence; everyone is an element of this universe and also a universe by himself. Meditation allows to rediscover the universal harmony and develop by this way the intelligent understanding of one's self, of others and of the universe.

This exercice is safe because it awakens the creative and loving courage while it extinguish fear and torpor.

Last Updated on Thursday, 15 July 2010