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Life at the Centre

The Vedanta Centre is an ashram, that is to say a spiritual community with a monk in charge, who has been appointed for his experience in meditation and spiritual counsellling.

The daily tasks made necessary by the reception of visitors (maintenance of the buildings and the grounds, housework, etc.) are carried out by volunteers who reside at the Centre and have no other commitment than that of serving their ideal, their neighbour and the ashram.

Life at the ashram is governed by the rhythm of spiritual activities, daily work and meals.

Our visitors come from all directions and for various reasons. They come from Paris or its region and province; from Europe (Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Russia, Bulgaria, Portugal and Hungary), from the Americas (United States, Guatemala, Canada and Brazil), from Africa (Chad, Benin, Central Africa) or from Asia (Indian, Japan, Iraq, Lebanon, Oman and Sri Lanka). They come for the ceremonies and feats or for lectures, to see the Swami or for communal life, for the Hindu character of the Centre or for its inter-religious vocation).

Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 December 2016