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logo_uni.pngSanskrit with Yves BAUDRON


Professor of Sanskrit for the past 25 years, teaching Sanskrit and Indian Philosophy to c. 35 students in mainland France and in Guadeloupe. Permanent member of several interreligious dialogue bodies. Translator of classical texts, focusing on the metaphysics of the advaita-vedanta. Texts published by CVR Press: Bhagavad Gita, Ashtavakra Gita.

Created in 1995, this course is open to everyone—no prior knowledge is needed and there are no entrance exams; only motivation is requested. What makes this course special is the spirit in which it is conducted. As has always been the case in traditional Indian schools, the study of Sanskrit is considered a form of yoga itself, in other words a way of perfecting and elevating the spirit. In the same way that the various activities of the Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre seek to remain faithful, even in the 21st century, to the teaching methods of the Upanishads throughout several millennia, so this course on Sanskrit aims to facilitate access and understanding of the classic texts of the advaita-vedanta, in way that is integrated with modern daily life.

The course is composed of several parts: introduction, grammatical study, approach for analyzing and summarizing. Students benefit from individual attention, and work either through distance learning or in person at the Centre, according to their own rhythm. A three-day seminar takes place once per semester, during which there are exercises and sessions on pronunciation, oral presentation of texts in the tradition of the vedas, as well as on traditional singing.

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Course cost per person: EUR 180 if staying at the Centre, EUR 80 if distance-learning.
Students can arrive at the Centre on the eve of the start date from 17h00 onwards.
Course ends: Saturday at 16h00


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