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Lodging and facilities

Since 1948, the Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre has hosted spiritual seekers of all backgrounds, who wish to retreat in an environment that facilitates re-sourcing and meditation.

External groups can also organise seminars and conferences at the Centre, whose lodging and facilities comprise:

• 20 double bedrooms, some of which include en suite bathrooms
• Two multi-purpose rooms
• One meditation room and chapel
• The Centre’s shop (bookshop, CDs, videos, incense)
• A living room with space for approximately 30 seats


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The Centre’s modus operandi
Throughout human history, people of all ages and geographic, cultural, and religious origins, have sought to participate, free of family obligations, in the communal life of a spiritual centre and focus on their personal ideal. The same holds true for our residents, all of which are volunteers. The Centre’s activities are made possible thanks to the charitable efforts of its members, to contributions made toward lodging expenses, and to donations.