The bookshop

The bookshop is located in the main building and offers numerous accessories to support spiritual endeavours.

librairie cvrBooks : We stock a number of the most influential works from major religious traditions and contemporary spiritual movements, as well as from dialogues and exchanges between religions, and also more generally books relating to health and spirituality (e.g. Ayurveda), science and spirituality, and more. A list of books that can be ordered online is below, and many others are available directly in the bookshop. We are happy to respond to enquiries.

Statues : Our brass statues are fashioned with great care and carry beautiful faces worthy of the Hindu Gods.

Accessories for meditation also available in the bookshop:

Malas: bracelets and necklaces – rudraksha or wood – as well as a selection of artisanal pouches for storing malas

Incense: A representative selection is also available in the online store.

Incense holder : A large choice is available, both for holding sticks and cones.

Tibetan bowls : Singing bowl without planetary tonalities (12 or 14 cm diameter). Made of mallet, 3 sizes available.

Cymbals : Made of bronze alloy, tuned, and linked with a leather strap.librairie cvr 4

Meditation cushions : A large selection of durable and high-quality cushions is also available: basic, classic, mini, zen, knee protectors, etc. Most of the cushions come with protective covers, and have cases that can be separated for washing (with washing instructions). The cases come with zippers and thus allow cushion stuffing to be added or removed if desired. We only use high quality stuffing, such as from buckwheat shells, organic chestnuts, kapok, or coconut fibre.

Bancs de méditation (comfort travel) : beech wood, 19 or 21 cm high.

Artisanal products: necklaces, rings, boxes, bags, and others.

Yoga accessories:

Yoga mats: Classic mats with anti-slippage surfaces, machine washable (up to 30 degrees C), 1.1 kg weight. 200 cm long x 60 cm wide.

Nasal cleaning (neti lota) – various models available.

Yoga belt: 38 cm long x 2.5 cm wide.

Eye relaxation cushion: for relieving overworked eyes.

Cotton blanket: Cosy and heartwarming, extra large design. Various colours are available. Ideal for yoga nidra.

Also available: bags or meshes for carrying yoga mats, reusable silver / aluminum water bottle, and more.


Meditation CDs: A compilation entitled “The courage of being” by Swami Veetamohananda

CDs of conferences: conferences on the Vedanta and the Scriptures by Swami Veetamohananda

Devotional music CDs

librairie cvr 3 

Many of these articles are available in our bookshop but not online, come visit us!

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Wednesdays from 16h00 to 17h00

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