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Mantra Yoga (with cover and booklet in English)
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Mantra Yoga (with cover and booklet in English)
Meditative chants
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This is the second volume of the collection "Courage to Be" of Swami Veetamohananda. He is suggesting us to accompany him in the recitation of sanskrit mantras, sacred for South India. Here we hear the Swami as a very good player of harmonium, whose melodies naturally invite us to repeat with him the mantras. Sitting with closed eyes for meditation, the practice of this CD is a good way for purification and brings us an intense joy.

"'Mantra' means an expression of the Infinity in one state of harmony. Through the repetition of these particular syllables our consciousness connects itself with the Infinite Reality. When this happens, the vibration of the Infinity starts manifesting itself in every cell and molecule of our body. This brings about an elevation of our state of consciousness and thus the harmony of the Pure Energy becomes balanced in us. We intensify our pure intelligence, our knowledge and bliss. This harmony is the goodness and the beauty of each personality. The vibration of the mantra removes all the negative aspects from us, develops our internal dynamism and peace." Swami Veetamohananda

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